Costing Guide

When it comes to money, we find the best approach is to be transparent up front with what is feasible for investing in your e-commerce store. Knowing from your initial enquiry, what the realistic budget that you can allocate to the project helps us to determine what is possible within the scope of work, and which solution or direction is most appropriate for your individual business needs.


Custom Store (Design & Development)

For the full design and build of a fully custom store, our costs generally start from around £16-20k (+VAT) and increase depending on a number of factors, such as timeline, complexity of features and functionality, as well as the total number of templates required.


Custom Store (Development Only)

Each project can vary in terms of cost and it's always important for us to see as much of the design that will be provided at handover for us to gauge the time (and therefore budget) required to build into a functional custom theme. A general cost range for us to build, configure and launch a custom store in correspondence with a provided design from your designer or agency would be in the £10-15k (+VAT) region. As with the Custom Store (Design & Development) service, this can rise depending on a number of factors, such as features, functionality and the total number of templates and their complexity.


Support & Success Retainer Service

This cost of this service is typically determined by the number of hours that we collectively think is required to achieve your goals from month to month. The amounts shown are per month, so for example, 10 hours of dedicated support per month equates to £1,500 (+VAT) per month. With this service, it's always best to discuss further to confirm a final service cost.

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