"Working with Hatch was a real pleasure, it was the most painless project I've ever worked on. They had a great grasp of our needs as a client as well as being understanding about the sometimes tiresome process of having work signed off by multiple stakeholders. They went above and beyond to make the integration as easy as possible and were helpful and attentive throughout."

Sam Voulters
Penguin Classics


"After seeing Hatch's work over a year ago I'd always had pencilled in to work on something special. In 2017 that special project arose and it honestly could not have gone better.

From introduction to launch, Hatch met my high standards with spot on front and back end execution. The support and conversation throughout the process was superb and I could not rate their work higher.

The quality of our final product, thanks to Hatch has not only caused the desired stir on launch, but has also helped us understand our customers needs and where we can grow our product in the future. I honestly can't wait to work on more greatness with the team and look forward to more outstanding results."

James Kirkup
The Football Crest Index


"Hatch were efficient, creative and, most importantly, understood our brand. Working with them was a pleasure and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Jennifer Acton
Pushkin Press


"We had a great experience with the fine folks over at Hatch. I was in a pinch and needed some help with our Shopify store and they were able to quickly and efficiently get what we needed done. Super honest, incredibly nice and talented which is the complete opposite of most studios we've worked with in the past. We will definitely use them in the future."

Pete Panciera
Norden Goods


"Hatch have been brilliant! They understood my project and what I was trying to achieve. They always answered my calls and emails quickly, and have been on hand after launch to deal with any issues or questions.

Their contact, explanations and updates were always extremely ordered and logical which made things straight-forward and easy.

They delivered the store on time with no delays and the shop worked from day one. I would highly recommend working with them, having their expertise was paramount to making the store a success."

Wallace Henning
British Rail Manual


"Working with Hatch has been a great experience. The customer service was excellent. Great communication throughout and any issues were seen to very quickly. I felt supported throughout the whole process and we are very happy with the final result. Looking forward to working together again in the future."

Joanne Ketterer
Luva Huva 


"Working with the team at Hatch was a pleasure. They understood our brand immediately from initial discussions and create a beautifully refined store to showcase our products. The care and attention to detail they took throughout the project gave me reassurance that business was in safe hands and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others."

Anthony Williams



"Hatch were very helpful throughout the process of building our new e-commerce store. They produced useful suggestions and solutions which were in tune with our brand and responded quickly to our (endless) questions and enquiries. This made the process swift and efficient and we are very pleased with the result."

Emma Orchardson
One We Made Earlier


"Despite our different times zones, the team at Hatch were very responsive throughout the process. What I thought would be a daunting task to create my own e-commerce store was actually seamless and easy thanks to their expertise and genuine care. As a result we have gained more credibility in a competitive market."

Shayna Esteban
Morning Ritual


"Hatch were commissioned to customise our new Shopify store. David and his team did a great job with excellent attention to detail. Even when the work was complete and we needed extra advice they were on hand to provide. I could not recommend them enough."

Andrew Perryman
Tea & Glory


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